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Reviews of "The Language of Leadership"

"In the business world, clear points, effective storytelling, and deep audience understanding open doors and close deals. Using examples from Aristotle to Apple and practicing what it teaches, The Language of Leadership is a go-to guide for leaders and aspiring leaders looking to master those skills in a wide range of modern settings and platforms."
—Jason Seiken, CEO of QCatalyst, former CCO of The Daily Telegraph, and former Editor in Chief, 


"Words matter, and The Language of Leadership shows you how to wield them as a leader to move minds and make a positive impact. Packed with practical tips for nearly every leadership moment, you'll turn to it again and again."  

—Mignon Fogarty, author of Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing and Founder of the Quick and Dirty Tips podcast network


"The Language of Leadership is a comprehensive toolset of smart, thought-provoking, and actionable leadership communication tactics and an important fresh perspective on what it takes to truly lead. Joel Schwartzberg wisely points out that to be truly effective and inspiring, leaders need to know how to connect through words and communicate goals, hopes, and vision in a way that ignites teams and connects them to the lasting impact of the work. This is a guide I'll return to over and over again for its clear and specific advice on how to communicate effectively and have meaningful impact as a leader."

 —Maggie Maguire, CEO of Pinna, former Vice President of Scholastic Corporation


"Leadership communication is about more than the words we say. In The Language of Leadership, Joel helps us understand this in clear and insightful ways. Applying the ideas and approaches in this book will make your communication more purposeful, meaningful, and inspirational."
—Kevin Eikenberry, bestselling author of Remarkable Leadership

"The Language of Leadership is a no-nonsense but engaging guide that provides essential communication direction to everyone from rising managers to established CEOs. Offering fresh, actionable tactics and scrutinizing real-world examples from modern leaders and influencers, this book is a must-have resource on any leader's bookshelf."
—Fran Hauser, startup investor, former president of digital, Time Inc., and best-selling author of The Myth of the Nice Girl


"Joel Schwartzberg pulls back the curtains on one of the most important competencies of effective leadership: the language used to convey facts, feelings, and fundamental messages their teams and audiences need to hear. The Language of Leadership is a detailed roadmap for getting your point across, filled with examples, quick tips, and deep counsel for both polished communicators and those wanting to up their games. Read the book. Engage your people. Inspire your audiences."

 —Jake Jacobs, Leadership consultant and author of Leverage Change: 8 Ways to Achieve Faster, Easier, Better Results


"Words matter. The Language of Leadership, will help you communicate your vision with clarity and aplomb." 

 —Doug Conant, Founder & CEO, Conant Leadership and Former CEO, Campbell Soup Company


“In The Language of Leadership, Joel Schwartzberg gives you a lot to think about and a lot to do. If you follow half the practical advice in this book, you'll be twice the communicator you are today.”

 —David Murray, executive director of the Professional Speechwriters Association and author of An Effort to Understand: Hearing One Another (and Ourselves) in a Nation Cracked in Half


"The Language of Leadership serves up an array of practical tips for crafting clear, purposeful, and inspiring messages that can mean the difference between merely managing teams and leading them—especially during a crisis."

 —Christine Montgomery, Head of Editorial and Engagement, The World Bank Group


"In his engaging and inimitable style, Joel Schwartzberg delivers a to-the-point playbook for creating inspirational business communications in an age when leaders need it most."

 —Aidan McCullen, author of Undisruptable and host of The Innovation Show


"Whether your professional goal is selling products or saving democracy, effective communication is an absolute requirement for successfully leading and inspiring a team. With wisdom and wit, The Language of Leadership shares incredibly useful tactics to achieve that level of critical engagement on a wide range of messaging platforms and technologies. A must-have communication resource for both new and longtime leaders of any organization."
—Inimai Chettiar, Federal Director at Justice Action Network and former Director of the Justice Program at the Brennan Center for Justice 


"New and experienced leaders will find this book incredibly valuable because it efficiently lays out ideas and tactics that took me years to learn through trial and error. Keep The Language of Leadership nearby as a handy reference guide to maximize all the opportunities you'll have to inspire and motivate your team effectively."
—Pinaki Kathiari, CEO, Local Wisdom and Co-Founder, Resource Hero


"Language is one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate, to create, and to change the world. Yet all too often, words fall flat—we get caught in our head, fail to truly understand our audience, or simply flub the landing. The Language of Leadership gets to the heart of these challenges and helps you overcome them. Through case studies and examples, decades of experience, and a delightful sense of humor, Joel Schwartzberg shows you how to use language as an ally and harness your full potential."

—April Rinne, author of Flux: Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader


"If you're a leader or just hope to become one, The Language of Leadership provides indispensable insights and advice on elevating your ability to engage, excite, and inspire a team—all essential elements for strong leadership. A treasure chest of ideas and a surprisingly fun read, Joel Schwartzberg's book should be required in every MBA program."
—Rod Thorn, CEO of Thorn Media and former communications executive for PepsiCo, Kodak, and IBM


"Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, The Language of Leadership guides you to be a better communicator and leader. No matter what industry you're in, as your career progresses, you will increasingly be required to present and inspire your co-workers with your ideas. With clear examples and lessons, Joel Schwartzberg provides you the tools you will need to succeed." 
—Jed Weissberg, SVP Operations, Finance and HR, Mobiquity Technologies

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