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Workshop Testimonials

“Joel was very engaging and personable, and we walked away with new insight and tools to use throughout our work days. In fact, colleagues stated they learned more during Joel’s workshop than they did during an entire college course on public speaking. I recommend Joel to anyone looking to build confidence and improve their public speaking skills."

—Linda Najok, Global Compensation Analyst and Event Coordinator, American Express

"I manage a program that includes 50 engineers and scientists

who regularly present their research to government agencies.

Our scientists and engineers found tremendous value in Joel’s

framework for how to make an impactful point that sticks with an

audience. The workshop was practical and applied, so people were able to work on their points in real time with Joel. He is an engaging and entertaining presenter and would be a good fit for any audience!"

Jenny Lloyd-Strovas, Manager of the Strategic Engagement Training Program at Sandia National Labs

​Joel's workshop was enormously helpful to our company. In the complex field of pharmaceuticals, communications can easily get bogged down in details and technicalities, so identifying our points and knowing how to hone and amplify them is an extremely valuable skill. We talk about our points and test them with Joel's exercises all the time. The sessions provided a fantastic return on our investment and were great fun too.

Gary Johnson, Founder and Executive Chairman, Inpharmation Ltd.


"I have had the privilege of participating in two of Joel Schwartzberg’s public speaking workshops – one for a large group at a conference and one in a much smaller group among senior level managers from my organization. Regardless of the size of the audience, Joel was able to offer pragmatic tips and insight on how to present your best self, regardless of your experience in public speaking. What sets Joel apart from other presenters is that he really knows how to make his point and keep his audience engaged, a skill especially essential for presentations to large audiences. But more than being an engaging speaker, he takes that skill and imparts it to the participants. The individual attention Joel provided to our managers yielded results almost instantaneously from tips on the importance of making a point and proving it, to the basics of how to position yourself in front of the audience. I would recommend Joel to anyone who wants to stand out as a public speaker or simply wants to be a better, more effective communicator regardless of who and how big the audience is."

—Risa Weinstock, President & CEO, Animal Care Centers of NYC

"Joel provided one of the most user-friendly trainings that I have received in my professional career. I can honestly say that after one day with Joel, I picked up several tips that I believe will make me a more effective public speaker. I would highly recommend him for experienced and novice speakers and pretty much anyone in between."


—Daniel Elbaum, President & CEO, JAID


Joel Schwartzberg's seminar at our Leadership Conference was the most-attended and received the best reviews. Attendees felt that they had gained real skills they could take back with them to their respective organizations. The best teachers of any subject are those who can demonstrate what they are trying to teach. Joel did just that as he is a charismatic public speaker. We would highly recommend him for any group looking for a public speaking trainer."


—Aseel Elborno, National Outreach Coordinator, Council on American-Islamic Relations


"At his public speaking presentation at the 2015 Ragan Speechwriters and Executive Communicators Conference, Joel shared many insightful tips and tangible takeaways regarding body language, tone, visual learners and impression that are missed in traditional media training. His talk married an engaging, friendly and accessible teaching style with an entire toolkit of skills to improve public speaking from newcomers up to experienced presenters. In particular, his comment about shifting my posture was helpful to me as when I stand for a long time, I find myself shifting my weight between my feet. I know going into my next round of meetings with leadership I'll notice a lot more instances of upward lilt where it doesn't belong, and, for some of our room pacers, I'm excited to share his great advice about timing their walking to delineate and emphasize points."


—Kristy J. Warren, Public Information/Communications Specialist, Susquehanna Health

"Joel’s unique training helped our team improve their media appearance and presentation skills by demonstrating how to make cogent points in a compelling, convincing way."


—Laurie Beacham, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice 

"After gaining many insights from Joel Schwartzberg's book "Get to the Point" and his Harvard Business Review articles, I was inspired to invest in enhancing my virtual and face-to-face presentation and speaking skills. Since attending Joel's workshop, I've significantly enhanced my virtual presentations by implementing his suggestions, refining my message, and fine-tuning my PowerPoint presentations. My colleagues have also remarked on the improvements in my client presentations. Currently, I'm gearing up to lead a breakout session at my company's summit, and I am utilizing Joel's make-a-point guidelines. I highly recommend Joel's workshop to anyone seeking to enhance their public speaking skills or organizations aiming to empower their employees to deliver a more compelling message."


—Victoria Thomas, Business Development Specialist, Financial Services 

"Joel Schwartzberg's style of coaching is thought-provoking yet practical. Joel engages his audience with his unique delivery style and shares tools and techniques that are essential for students as well as seasoned professionals."


—Stephanie A. Mattera, Non-Profit Spokesperson & NYU Adjunct Professor of Public Relations and Corporate Communications

"Joel was funny, patient, and encouraging. He provides a number of tricks to get over speaking anxiety, to sound confident and project strength, and to win over any audience."


—Lionel Beehner, Senior Staff Writer, Council on Foreign Relations


"Joel offered excellent drills to help attendees stand, speak, and gesture before an audience with confidence. I recommend Joel and this class to anyone interested in fine-tuning their public speaking style."


—Anne Hollyday, Proposal Writer, Jackson Lewis LLP


"Joel not only gave me the confidence to engage in public speaking, but helped me learn extremely valuable skills that I now use in both my professional and personal life. He was patient, kind, and probably one of the best teachers I've had in this genre of classes. He structured his class in a way that was thought-provoking and stimulating, all while being engaging and positive, and taught me more in two classes than some professors did in an entire semester during college! I highly recommend this class for anyone who is looking to brush up on their public speaking skills or for anyone who is petrified to speak in public in general."


—Jennifer DiGuiseppe, Manager, Ad Sales Marketing at Travel Channel


"Public speaking is stressful. However, Joel gives great tools and tips to help you deliver your speech as the professional you are meant to be! He created a safe atmosphere for his students, and provided quick exercises and thorough performance critiques to help improve one's delivery."


—Veronica Wulff, Senior Director of Media Operations at Sesame Workshop


"In only two sessions, I feel that I am already a stronger public speaker as a result of Joel's instruction. He creates a kind environment for confidence-building exercises and provides thoughtful, precise feedback. I would absolutely take another class with him."


—Molly Maymar, Partner, Technology Industry Advisory at Korn Ferry

"Joel conducts a fun, hands-on class where everyone walks away a more confident speaker."


—Nicole Niebisch, Market Manager, Folio Fine Wine Partners


"Joel was extremely helpful and engaging. He peppered his presentation with humor and made the room feel at ease. It was well worth the money."


—Debbie Sirico, Director, The Research Board

"Joel was an enthusiastic and accomplished speaker. I came away with great information that I can put to use right away."


—Valerie Peterson, Author


"Joel is an inspiring, energetic, and well-informed teacher who generously shared tips from his years of experience... I recommend this class to anyone."


—Karen Sorensen, Executive Recruiter


"Joel did an excellent job sharing his skills. I definitely will remember all the techniques and become a more effective public speaker."


—Khristina Godlewski, Marketing Manager, Hearst Magazines

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