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Make Your Words Matter

Why do speakers ramble?

Why are important emails ignored?

Why are PowerPoint slides unclear?

Why are charts confusing?

Why are Zoom presentations boring?

Why do meetings go off-course?

Why are work chats misunderstood?

Why didn't they respond to my presentation?

Why didn't my idea stick?

Believe it or not, these communication failures and others often spring from the same cause:


They don't have a point.

In a lively presentation filled with actionable tips and tools, presentation coach and bestselling author 

Joel Schwartzberg explains how communicators don't realize this catastrophic flaw because they confuse powerful points with weak topics, themes, observations, categories, definitions and catchphrases—rendering themselves and these moments pointless.

As a result, audiences, teams, clients, and customers are unmoved at best, and confused, bored—even annoyed—at worst.


​We all need to get to the point, and everyone can, regardless of their skills, talent, or experience. Let Joel help your teams and leaders make their words matter by learning how to identify, sharpen, and amplify their points to create immediate impact, increase productivity, and maximize every external and internal interaction.​

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