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Get to the Point! Sharpen Your Ideas and Make Your Words Matter

In Joel Schwartzberg's ten-plus years as a strategic communications trainer, the biggest obstacle he's come across—one that connects directly to nervousness, stammering, rambling, and epic fail—is that most speakers and writers don't have a point. Instead, they have just a title, a theme, a topic, a notion, or a catchphrase.


With an engaging voice and clear advice, "Get to the Point!" shows you how to identify your most valuable point, sharpen it, and champion it to turn your biggest fear into your greatest strength. 

The Language of Leadership: How to Engage and Inspire Your Team

Everything you communicate has the power to secure or sabotage your impression, so while you may be an empathic, visionary, responsive, inspiring, authentic, supportive, and humble leader, the impact of those qualities hinges critically on your ability to communicate them effectively in words and expressions. 
Drawing on decades of experience, Joel Schwartzberg offers mindsets, tactics, and examples to help you leverage the most powerful leadership tool you have: your voice. Whether you're giving speeches, telling stories, sending emails, posting messages, recording videos, or running Zoom meetings, these are essential practices for establishing authority, engaging an audience, and inspiring your team. 

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