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Harvard Business Review

"How to Elevate Your Presence in a Virtual Meeting"

"Make the Most of the Job You Already Have"

"Present Your Data Like a Pro"

"How to Respond to 'So Tell Me About Yourself' in a Job Interview"

Harvard Business Review Multimedia

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Make an Impression on Video Calls While WFH

VIDEO: How to Respond to “So, Tell Me About Yourself” in a Job Interview

VIDEO: How to Tell People About Yourself

Fast Company

"Try This Simple Trick To Beat Your Public Speaking Anxiety"

"These Common Email Mistakes are Ruining Your Credibility"

Toastmaster Magazine

"What a Nice Gesture"

"Make Your Compliments Count"

"10 Tips for More Productive Speech Practice"d

"Need to Make an Impact? Get Loud"

"Drop Those Crutches"

"How to Support a Colleague Who's Speaking"

"25 Ways to Nail Your Workplace Presentation"

"Good Notes: A Public Speaker’s Best Ally"

"Get to the Point"

The Huffington Post

"Taylor Swift’s Testimony: A Lesson In Communication"

BK Blog

Five Tips for Selling Your Book's Most Powerful Point

Six Ways to Capitalize on Your Next Conference

Are You Truly Selling Your Point?

The Four Enemies of Making Your Point

This Year's Commencement Speakers Made Great Points — And You Can, Too!

If You Think You Know Your Point, Think Again


Seven Public Speaking Considerations You Should Stop Caring About

The 14 Most Important But Least Obvious Public Speaking Mistakes

Six Ways Points Can Make Staff Meetings More Productive

If Your Goal is To Be a “Great Public Speaker,” You’re Missing the Point

Four Ways to Sabotage the End of Your Presentation

Why “Stop Rambling” is Useless Public Speaking Advice

Want to be Clearer? Stop Tying Yourself in “Nots”

Want to Make Your Point? Sell It, Don’t Just Share It

Nonfiction Author's Association

"Knowing and Championing the Most Important Part of Your Book – Its Point"

Interview with of Ed Newman of Ennyman's Territory

Communications Pro Joel Schwartzberg Gets to the Point on Public Speaking


"Slouching Toward Fatherhood"


The New York Post

"It's Quitting Time"


The New York Daily News

"Got a Second?"

"An Open Letter to Rob Zombie"


The New York Times Magazine

"The 37-Year-Old Version"

New Jersey Monthly

"The Mother of All Holidays"

"What's New?"


The Star-Ledger

"I Found One Good Thing in this NJ Transit Summer of Hell"

"To Divorced Dads, Father's Day Still Means Everything"

"A 'Boo' for Halloween Brutality"

"Thanks and Misgivings"

"The Gift of Giving"

"Memorial Daze"

"First Day Jitters for the Kid in Dad"

"Valentine's Day Disconnect"


Chicken Soup for the Soul


My Amazing Mom (2018): "Love Engraved"

Random Acts of Kindness (2017): "Playing Nice" 

The Dating Game (2013): "Investment Banking" 

Thanks, Dad (2010): "It Was My Dad" 

Divorce and Recovery (2008): "The Gift" 


The Good Men Project Anthology

"Birth of a Father"

"Father's Day"

New Jersey Jewish News

"The Gift of Giving…or Getting Your Goat"


Falls Church News Press

"A Night at Darkwood Manor"


The Huffington Post

Essays Guidance

Essays on parenting

Articles on workplace issues


The Good Men Project

Essays on modern manhood

My essays on parenting have also been published

in local outlets including:

About Families (PA)

Arizona Parenting Magazine (AZ)

Atlanta Parent Magazine (GA)

Austin Family Magazine (TX)

Baltimore's Child (MD)

Baton Rouge Parents Magazine (LA)

Central Penn Parent (PA)

City Parent (Ontario)

Curious Parents (NJ/PA)

Family-Life Magazine (CA)

Irving Parent (TX)

Kansas City Parent (KS)

Kids Vermont (VT)

MetroFamily Magazine (OK)

Nashville Parent (TN)

New Jersey Family (NJ)

New Jersey Newsroom (NJ)

North State Parent (CA)

Ohio Valley Parent (OH)

Parent Magazine (OH)

Parenting Plus (FL)

Parents' Source (PA)

ParentWise Austin (TX)

Portland Family Magazine (OR)

Piedmont Parent (NC)

Sacramento Parent Magazine (CA)

San Diego FamilyStaten Island Parent (NY)

Stepmom Magazine

Toledo Area Parent News (OH)

The Art of Manliness

The Irreverent Homemaker

The Jewish Advocate (MA)

The Parent Paper (NJ)

The Village Family Magazine (ND)

Western New York Family Magazine (NY)

Windsor Parent Magazine (Ontario)


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