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Great communicators aren't born. They're trained.

Joel Schwartzberg's interactive and lively workshops—designed for both new and experienced professionals—provides unique virtual or in-person training to help you achieve the following:

Be a Presenter Who Makes Strong Points

Many people—from students to CEOs—give speeches and presentations, but very few make meaningful points. Why? Because most communicators don’t have points. They don’t even know what a point is—often confusing it with a topic, theme, or title. Not having a real point renders them pointless, and being pointless is by far the biggest cause of rambling, audience disconnection, and communication epic fail. Employing humor and audience interactivity, this workshop provides actionable tips and useful exercises that help anyone become a more confident and effective communicator.

Elevate Your Points and Presence in Virtual Meetings


When workplace meetings shifted from real to virtual platforms, many assumed their communication and presentation approaches could stay the same. But a room is not a Zoom. Meeting attendees and presenters need to adopt new communication mindsets and tactics to maximize the new medium. In this interactive workshop, Joel will show you how to enhance your points, presence, and impact from the other side of the screen.

Make Your Emails More Effective

Even the best presenters and speakers make common email-writing mistakes that sabotage the impact of their points. This workshop—including tactics on subject lines, successful point-making, and vital human touches—helps anyone who relies on email to get attention, convey ideas quickly, and inspire the right response.

Currently the Senior Director of Strategic and Executive Communications for a national nonprofit organization, Joel has been teaching presentation skills for more than 15 years, is the author of "Get to the Point! Sharpen Your Message and Make Your Words Matter," and has written for publications including Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, CNBCToastmaster Magazine, and The New York Times Magazine.

Some of the Skills Covered


  • How to identify, sharpen, and champion your main point

  • How to use "power periods," volume, and pauses to your advantage

  • How to interact effectively with notes, charts, and PowerPoint slides

  • How to start and finish with confidence and impact

  • How to listen more effectively

  • How to decrease public speaking anxiety

  • How to avoid "Zoom Fatigue"

  • How to eliminate distractions and strengthen your points on virtual meeting platforms including Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams.

  • How to elevate the impact of emails with smart subject lines, bulleting, and brevity

Past and Present Clients


  • American Express

  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • State Farm Insurance

  • The Brennan Center for Justice

  • Comedy Central

  • Blue Apron

  • The San Diego Bar Association

  • The American Jewish Committee

  • North Point Ministries


"What sets Joel apart is that he really knows how to make his point and keep his audience engaged, a skill essential for presentations to large audiences. But more than being an engaging speaker, he takes that skill and imparts it to the participants. The individual attention Joel provided to our managers yielded results almost instantaneously from tips on the importance of making a point and proving it, to the basics of how to position yourself in front of the audience."

- Risa Weinstock, President & CEO, Animal Care Centers of NYC

"Joel provided one of the most user-friendly trainings that I have received in my professional career. I can honestly say that after one day with Joel, I picked up several tips that I believe will make me a more effective public speaker. I would highly recommend him for experienced and novice speakers and pretty much anyone in between."


- Daniel Elbaum, Assistant Executive Director and Director of Regional Offices, American Jewish Committee

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